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The Bingham Group is the agency of record for EnviroCast, a company owned by VanhooseCo.  Producing all aspects of media communications, print, social media campaigns, marketing collateral, event planning and branding.  EnviroCast is a innovative product set for licensee by VanhooseCo.  The Bingham Group is handling all aspects of the branding, processes and standards for the licensees of EnviroCast.

EnviroCast is an innovative pre-cast concrete wall system that has expanded opportunities for the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial building industry. The EnviroCast wall system delivers the strength, versatility and durability of concrete while providing the extra benefits of insulation, design flexibility and speed of construction. Large home builders, project developers, architects, engineers and precast concrete manufacturers are embracing EnviroCast wall systems as an improved alternative to stick built and concrete block construction.