Sequoyah Birthplace Museum

The Bingham Group in the continued tradition of promoting Monroe County is honored to participate in the public relations, communications and creation of marketing materials for Sequoyah Birthplace Museum. Focusing on a rebranding of the attraction following the multi-million dollar renovation has be rewarding and exciting.

Advanced media technologies and electronics enhance visitors’ enjoyment at the musuem. The new exhibit portrays the Cherokee Indian life and the legacy of Sequoyah in an all new multi-million dollar museum! The modern museum includes videos, dioramas, new additions to the native american artifacts, paintings and interactive tools telling the story of this great man and the Cherokee Indian people.

The 27th Annual Cherokee Festival reported record attendance following the renovation and rebranding. Utilizing media connections, creative design and Monroe Life Magazine, The Bingham Group brought attention, created a focal point of attention for this incredible piece of history within the heart of Monroe County.

The Bingham Group is honored to continue the role of bringing the world to Sequoyah Birthplace Museum in Vonore, Tennessee.