Knoxville Utilities Board contracts The Bingham Group

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Last year, the Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) awarded The Bingham Group with a 5-year video contract. Using the in-house Quadcopter, or Drone, The Bingham Group began safely and efficiently inspecting all of the KUB water towers with real-time video footage. This provides KUB with an accurate and cost efficient assessment of their equipment, without endangering the lives of their employees.

The Bingham Group also shot and produced several 8-10 minute safety videos at each KUB water treatment plant. The videos serve to educate KUB employees and are intended for internal use within the company. For the remainder of the contract, The Bingham Group will continue to provide utility inspections using drone video footage, including future safety video footage as necessary. 

The Bingham Group is a full-service advertising agency located in Farragut, Tennessee. In addition to the in-house video department, The Bingham Group specializes in web design and print media. Each year, The Bingham Group publishes quarterly magazines for the Monroe, Farragut and McMinn Counties. They also offer a wide range of marketing related services such as account planning, public relations and media placement.

Bingham Group

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