TBG chosen for 2016 Adventure Anderson Promotion


 On February 3rd, 2016, The Anderson County Purchasing Department announced The Bingham Group as their choice for the 2016 Adventure Anderson Promotion. The Adventure Anderson Promotion contains a four month digital advertising campaign, which will include a corresponding four month Google Ad-words campaign to generate traffic to Anderson County.

The Bingham Group will use a drone to capture the video and photo footage of Anderson County to use in the digital advertising and Google Ad-words campaign.The Bingham Group is looking forward to collaborating with Anderson County this year.

The Bingham Group is a full-service advertising agency located in Farragut, Tennessee. In addition to the in-house video department, The Bingham Group specializes in web design and print media. Each year, The Bingham Group publishes quarterly magazines for the Monroe, Farragut and McMinn Counties. They also offer a wide range of marketing related services such as account planning, public relations and media placement

Bingham Group

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